When the public noticed Cute Celebrity (CC) was serious in his commitment and endeavor, he worked hard to make sure he did not disappoint expectations.

CC lived to the demands and his fans and followers were elated. CC became successful, which earned him additional admirers. Luckily, he did not allow his achievements into his head. Despite this success, CC was not spared from speculations on his personal life.

Although CC’s private life is not a secret, he still evaded questions on his relationships. Like most handsome celebrities, CC often received proposals posted on his social media accounts. It was like he was the most coveted boy to bring home to the parents.

CC remained mum whenever the question was asked.

The grapevine is not quiet on CC and the unanswered question, as rumors indicated that CC is no longer single. Allegedly, CC is in a relationship with a TV Personality (TP).

TP does modelling and hosting. She also has good fashion sense. TP comes from a good-looking family, whose members are respected icons in the fashion and social circles.

The supposed relationship is very private and not even their respective social media accounts show any hint that they are at the very least, seeing each other. The rumor added that CC is teased that with his connection to TP, he now belongs to the elite circle.

‘The difference between privacy and security is this; One is used to protect, the other is used to hide.’ Renee Slansky

Secret couple

Talented Actress (TA) is now reaping the fruits of her patience and determination to make a mark in the industry.

Coming from a respected and talented family, TA did not use her connections to obtain projects. Much of her work was based on her own accord and not dependent on the accomplishments of her relations. While navigating her way through her career, TA is outspoken and shares her thoughts when controversies involving her arise.

Similarly, Network Actor (NA) began as a nobody in showbiz. His good looks and stance paved his way into various projects. Being dismissed as just having physical advantages at the beginning, NA proved his detractors wrong. Patiently, he developed his talents, got noticed, and eventually landed projects that were lauded by critics. However, unlike TA, NA is not much into reacting on controversies that hounded him. He preferred silence or a no comment statement.

Although TA and NA seemed poles apart when it comes to their careers, netizens have noticed certain signs that the two might be together. One mark was seeing them in a couple’s shirt. Hardly are the two seen together in showbiz functions, but those photos were enough to send some fans to speculate that TA and NA might be developing a relationship behind the scenes.

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.’ ― Rumi

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