How Catriona Gray maintains her youthful look

Even the dermatologist shares a few tips

At a recent online media launch hosted by Kaladkaren alongside Assistant Product Manager Pauleen Go and Board Certified Dermatologist Dra. Francesca Sumilang Sy-Alvarado, the newest face of the brand, the Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was presented. After 10 years of being a quiet user, Gray shared her experience how Myra E empowers Filipina women to be the best version of themselves. 

The queen talked about how it builds her confidence and how the brand takes care of her skin, body, and health. She said, "Honestly, I get complimented on my baby face all the time and I feel like I’ve been able to really capture that youthful essence in my features and I really think it’s due to the help of my skin.”

Sy-Alvarado discusses the essence of achieving both beauty and immunity. During the question and answer portion, she stated, "If we supplement, we are getting the right dose of the Vitamin E and then we can continue reaping the health benefits no matter how stressed we are and if we are a bit busy and our diet is not as amazingly curated."

Aside from adjusting and adapting to the new normal brought by the pandemic, it is also significant to take care of our mental and physical health. Myra E is made out of Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant, and designed to help fight against sickness by strengthening the body's immune system. It helps protect cells from damage that can be caused by stress, pollution, and other environmental stressors allowing the skin to look healthy and glowing from within.

Written by Jewel Mae Omillo.