Kylie Padilla on voting for dad Robin: ‘I did my research’

On Facebook, Robin's daughter, Kylie Padilla, admitted she was among those who voted for his dad.

But she didn't do so simply because she was his daughter. 

According to her, she did her "homework."

"I did my research. I did not want to be biased," she shared, pointing out that she watched all of Robin's interviews.

Addressing her father, she said, "And inintindi ko lahat ng sinabi mo. And all i can say I cannot wait for you to make your dreams a reality. I support you with all my heart."

Kylie attested how Robin has always been "passionate" about helping people.

"And now you are in a position where you can make a bigger impact. I’m so happy and proud of you," she said. 

Kylie vouched for her dad's love for the country. 

"All I have to say is mahal na mahal ng tatay ko ang pilipinas, mahal nya ang mga tao. Parte ng pagkatao nyang tumulong," she reiterated. "He has always been selfless pag dating sa mga taong nangangailangan. If there is one thing I can attest to, my father did not need to become senator to help make change happen. He was already doing that before all of this. Kaya whatever happens after today, however busy you become please know that I love you and support you. Congratulations @robinhoodpadilla."

Her mother Liezl Sicangco and stepmom Mariel Rodriguez already congratulated Robin prior.