VIRAL! Sharon Cuneta’s message to Bongbong Marcos, Sara Duterte, Tito and Helen Sotto

A video of Senator Kiko Pangilinan's wife, Sharon Cuneta, has gone viral.

There, Sharon shared her message to Bongbong Marcos, Sara Duterte and Tito Sotto.

The video was taken during the final miting de avance of the Leni Robredo-Kiko tandem few days ago.

"I said it's painful. Can I just say a few personal words," Sharon started.

"This is for Bong. Bong, I don't have to agree or like what you've done or what you have not done for me to always remember your kindness towards me when I was growing up, as well as, your whole family."

"I wish you Liza (Araneta) and your beautiful boys God's blessing. And that we all come together when all of this is over. And just be Filipinos."

To Sara, whom she has known since they were kids, she said, "Inday, nagkakaintindihan tayo kahit wala na si Tatay sa aking buhay, never kang nawala. Alam ko, kasi hindi ka lang Sharonian, pero mahal kita. Kaya lang ang bise presidente ko talaga si Kiko. Nagkakaintindihan naman tayo."

Sharon then gave a heartwarming message to her uncle, Tito, whom she considers her second father.

"Daddy, thank you for embracing me when I saw you. Thank you for saying 'I love you' back. I love you very much, dad. But it's... this has been... I hope it doesn't divide our family, our families."

Sharon also mentioned Tito's wife, Helen Gamboa.

"Mama Helen, the only peace I find in my heart is that you would have done the exact same thing for daddy if you have been in my shoes. After all, you raised me also. And I'm so much like you cause I'm your eldest. I love you very much and I miss you. My sisters, I miss you and I love you with all my heart. Gi, I love you, my brother."