On Labor Day, DND calls for ‘equitable access to dignified work’ for all Filipinos

The Department of National Defense (DND) commemorated Labor Day on Sunday, May 1, with renewed hopes that all Filipinos will have an equitable access to dignified work as there remains an “imbalance of opportunities” for some.

(Courtesy of Armed Forces of the Philippines)

DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana highlighted the “sacrifice and immeasurable contributions to society” of every Filipino worker here and abroad.

“The movement that swept the world at the turn of the 20th century brought about significant developments and the crucial recognition of the importance of better working standards for both men and women laborers, whether in rural or urban areas,” he said in a statement.

“While great strides have been achieved in the improvement of labor conditions in the country, we recognize the imbalance in opportunities and the need for improvement in order to achieve equitable access to dignified work for everyone,” he added.

In the male dominated fields of defense and military, the DND has been trying to provide an equal opportunity for everyone who are interested to join their group.

For example, there are female military and defense personnel who are now being assigned as commanders or heads of various units.

Female cadets who excel at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) are also getting the recognition that they deserve as some of them have made it to the top of their class.

The DND Chief said they also aspire to secure the country and create an environment conducive to national development so they work together to curb the threat of terrorism, communist insurgency, and other threats.

“Among our efforts is our commitment to help rebel returnees reintegrate successfully with and become productive members of their communities after turning their backs on rebellion and violence,” he said.

Rebel returnees are offered with various forms of assistance so they can rebuild their lives and reintegrate themselves to the mainstream society.

“As the nation pays tribute to workers from all industries and walks of life, may we also be reminded of the importance of supporting peace and security efforts to ensure that economic progress will become viable and within reach for all Filipinos,” Lorenzana stated.