Drug war yields P88.83-B illegal drugs, kills over 6,200 drug suspects

A total of P88.83 billion worth of illegal drugs, controlled precursors and essential chemicals (CPECs) and laboratory equipment were seized by government anti-narcotics operatives from July 1, 2016 to March 31, 2022.

In the latest #Real Numbers PH, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) reported that 11,788.33 kilograms of shabu worth P76.17 billion were confiscated while 530.24 kilograms of cocaine, 163,295 pieces of ecstasy and 10,157.27 kilograms of dried marijuana leaves were also confiscated during the 233,356 anti-illegal drug operations conducted in the same period.

A total of 336,796 illegal drugs personalities were arrested while 6,241 others were killed during the operations.

Aside from the seized illegal drugs, anti-narcotics operatives dismantled a total of 1,111 drug dens and 19 clandestine laboratories for a total of 1,130.

The report also noted that there were a total of 24,766 drug-cleared out of the country’s 42,045 barangays with 10,704 yet to be cleared barangays and 6,575 others identified as drug-free barangays.

Government anti-narcotics personnel also rescued 4,307 minors aged four to 14 who were involved in illegal drug activities.

Out of this number, 2,532 were pushers, three were cultivators, 234 were drug den visitors, nine were drug den maintainers, 17 were drug dem employees, one clan lab employee, two runners, 522 users and 987 caught with possession of prohibited drugs.

Government workers were not spared from the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign as 1,053 were arrested consisting of 527 government employees, 400 elected officials and 126 uniformed personnel.

In the same period, 14,888 listed as high value targets (HVTs) were nabbed which consist of 360 foreign nationals, 400 elected officials, 126 uniformed personnel, 527 government employees, 4,030 target-listed individuals,, 797 drug group members and leaders, 78 armed group individuals, 1,619 drug den maintainers, 295 wanted drug listed persons, 24 celebrities and professional license holders and 6,632 others arrested from high-impact operations.

The PDEA report also noted that 8,176.81 kgs. of shabu, 4,226,.33 kgs of marijuana, 21.93 kgs. of ecstasy, 534.20 kgs. of cocaine and 3,483.67 kgs. of other dangerous drugs were destroyed by the anti-narcotics authorities. (Chito A. Chavez)