PRO1 to deploy 200 CDM contingents on Labor Day

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO -- At least 200 personnel from Police Regional Office 1 mobile forces who will make up the Civil Disturbance Management Contingents will be deployed on May 1, Labor Day.

Personnel will be deployed in the different strategic locations within the region to ensure peace and order during the Labor Day Celebration.

The deployment is aimed at deterring any group or organization that might hold mass gatherings and conduct activities that would disrupt the peaceful celebration of the event, said Brigadier General Westrimundo D Obinque, PRO 1 Regional Director.

“The PNP honors the work done by everyone in the labor force and we deem it fit to give due recognition to their positive contributions to both the community and the economy and for those reasons, we will do our best to give them due reverence and security,” Obinque said.

Personnel from the Regional Headquarters will be on standby to provide other aspects of police operations.

They will take charge in emergency response, traffic management, anti-criminality and counter-terrorism, and other necessary measures for an orderly, peaceful and successful labor day celebration.

Obinque urged the public to continuously observe the minimum health standard protocols (MHSP) despite being in Alert Level 1 Status.