CWS to voters: Choose bets that prioritize, advance labor agenda

The Church People-Workers Solidarity (CWS) has asked voters to consider candidates in the May 2022 polls that prioritize and advance the labor agenda.

Church People-Workers Solidarity FB

The group noted how in previous elections, national candidates have made bold promises of abolishing all forms of contractualization but the practice remains rampant all over the country.

"Contractualization undermines job security which further results to massive unemployment," CWS said in a statement issued in time for the observance of Labor Day on May 1.

"We urge our future leaders to remain steadfast in their promise of protecting workers’ rights. They must immediately scrap anti-labor laws that perpetuate oppression and exploitation and craft more laws that promote and protect the rights and dignity of workers," added the group.

CWS said it will continue to link arms and stand in solidarity with the workers and other marginalized sectors of society.

"We will continue to remain vigilant especially after the election period in demanding pro-labor policies. We hope and pray that our future leaders will bring about genuine societal change; one that would benefit the least of our brothers and sisters in society," the group said.