Wil Dasovich on Alodia Gosienfiao finding new love

Alodia Gosiengfiao recently made noise on social media posting a photo of her with a guy.

Some believe the man is her new beau.

She hasn't confirmed it yet, though.

In any case, many are now wondering as to how ex-BF Wil Dasovich reacted to it.

Is he happy for Alodia?

So far, he's still silent on the matter.

But in good friend Nico Bolzico's vlog, published early April 9, some weeks before Alodia's viral post, he made clear he would be happy if she is happy.

He said, "To be honest with myself, I don’t know how I’d feel until that happens, but if she was happy, and I believe he was a good guy, I would be happy. Because my goal for her, and for everyone in the world, is to be happy."

"And if she can find that happiness with someone else, that’s great. Hey, it may hurt, it may be weird, it may be awkward, it may touch a nerve or something—but at the end of the day, if she’s happy, that’s great," he added.