P640-M modern market to rise in Kalinga

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Residents of this city will soon have a modern public market that will create jobs, add income to the city, with vendors of the previous market to retain their places in the new infrastructure project.

Photo via Rizaldy Comanda

The new market will not in any way discriminate against the vendors as well as the house owners affected by the project because ‘they will have options such as the relocation site at Callagdao or the option to keep their enhanced stalls when the work is completed.’

No less than Mayor Darwin Estrañero made the assurance during the recent public hearing attended by market stakeholders, home owners who will be displaced by the project, and concerned citizens at the Hotel Davidson, Tabuk City.

“We can give to them their title, that is theirs, but then they cannot sell it, they own that which was given by the government,” said Estrañero.

Photo via Rizaldy Comanda

Mayor Estrañero assured his constituents that the P640 million modernization of the public market will provide additional income to the city and displaced stalls and house owners.

He said ambulant vendors can sell their wares in the appropriate section of the market where they will have tables and chairs as well as a collapsible ten for use during market days.

“Ambulant vendors were also assured that they will pay the same rent price which they will pay through a ticketing fee to the barangay. Therefore their rental prices will remain same and to improve organizations, stalls of various commodities will be zoned appropriately,” Estrañero said

Estrañero promised that prices of food and goods will not increase since rent will be kept at a fairly reasonable level. Also, visitors to the market will be able to use clean, comfortable toilets for free.

The market will also have a central terminal for use of the various transit groups that ply within the city or outside of Kalinga. With its opening, more jobs will be created as more businesses will open within the Mall benefiting both young graduates and other Tabukeños seeking employment.

A call center will also be opened within the mall. Bulanao Centro Punong Barangay Cosme Gunnawa urged attendees in the public hearing that “it is past time to completely support the development of the public market and advised the audience to push for the market's economic advancement.”

He said that people should be more discerning and listen also to the positive effects of allowing the proponent’s proposal.

He said that putting up the mall will benefit them all. He said the city government will earn P7 million annually once the project is completed.