Pia Wurtzbach denies 'attacking' Catriona Gray through her 'team'

"Wala akong intention ever na mang 'attack' ng ibang tao."

This is what Pia Wurtzbach said reacting to an insinuation made by an online user about her and her team supposedly "attacking Catriona Gray."

She went on to ask the netizen: "Bakit pag ganito laging AKO unang nyong naiisip na pasimuno? Bakit ako?"

As to her supposed "team," Pia explained, "Glam team siguro meron. Personal na team ko that handles my schedules & anything business related, meron. Pero wala akong 'team' or attack dogs tulad ng iniinsinuate mo. At lalong wala akong intention ever na mang 'attack' ng ibang tao."

Pia said she would usually just ignore such allegations only that this has been going on for some time.

"And if other people are not gonna defend you or speak on your behalf, you have to speak up and defend yourself," she said.

"I don't know why people really believe that I have a 'team' and that I actually aim to attack and tear other people down. Saan galing ito?," she added.

The beauty queen-actress pointed out how she always tries her best to be in good terms with everyone.

She noted, "At kahit sa mga taong ayaw sakin, hindi ako gumaganti or nang 'aattack' tulad ng sinasabi mo. Lagi lang akong tahimik."

Pia admitted she's fed up with the allegation.

"Bakit kailangan may 'team' nila, 'team' ko? Tapos may imaginary scenarios pa in your head that were all at war? Is it really hard to believe that women in the same industry can get along & thrive," she maintained.

"Ako, I competed 7 years ago. Hindi na ako Aces&Queens, matagal na akong graduate sa pageants. I handle my owm life & career now. I dip my feet in pageants once in a while cos I get invited to judge or giving pep talks. Sa pageants naman kasi ang roots ko e so I enjoy it... but thats it! Walang away dito or hidden agendas. Sa sarili ko sigurado ako na wala. Masaya lang ako at very grateful na nagagawa ko parin lahat ng ito years after."

Pia continued: "Tsaka oo na patolera ako at ang dami kong sinabi haha. Sobra na eh. Tsaka paulit ulit nalang."

The model-actress said she just wants to have fun, meet people she can collaborate with, and do the work that she needs to do and live her life.

"And I'm really genuinely happy that were all thriving in our careers. Lahat ng PH queens may ganap. Like look around, ang saya di ba? Lahat busy! Sana maging masaya ka narin at tanggaling mo na yang pait sa puso mo. The pageant world has become toxic enough, do you really want to add to that? You have the power to choose what kind of Queen you want to be, Eugine."

In another comment, Pia also advised supporters to stop using the tags: "the most popular," "the most loved" and "the best."

"I appreciate the love pero next time tama narin... kasi parang may angle parin ng pagcocompare... I love you nalang po masaya na ko hahaha."

Later, Pia deleted the thread, relating how she and the netizen have already cleared things up.

"We’ve decided to put all of this behind us now," she said. "Also I'm gonna be deleting comments here na hate/bullying/targeting somebody. Please dont do that hindi tayo ganyan dito."