Gabriela condemns online sexual harrasment aimed at Aika Robredo

Gabriela Women’s Party, on Monday, April 11, denounced the online sexual harrasment that was perpetrated against Vice President Leni Robredo’s eldest daughter Aika Robredo.

Vice Presidential daughter Aika Robredo at a house-to-house campaign in San Rafael, Bulacan on Monday, April 4. (Leni People’s Campaign)

This, according to Gabriela, proliferated through the spread of “fake sexist content” tagging Aika in “several websites.”

“Aika is the daughter of VP Robredo, who is the currently biggest opponent of the dictator’s son Marcos Jr. This is a cheap, sexist online attack meant to demean women and to distract the public from VP Robredo’s crusade for good governance, health-based pandemic response, and people’s welfare,” said Gabriela Partlylist Representative Arlene Brosas in a statement.

Meanwhile, Brosas likewise stated that Gabriela denounce the "misogynist comments and lewd remarks" against the supporters of Robredo in various social media platforms.

“This should stop. We call on the public to report online content which degrades, insults, and sexualizes women, especially as the campaign period is about to wrap up” Brosas reiterated.