SPOTTED: David Chua and Ann Murphy

David Chua and Ann Murphy

Actor/director and Mano Po Legacy star David Chua is keeping his fans guessing once more
when photos of his recent birthday date leaked online.

Apparently, David was spotted at Antonio’s, Tagaytay City, with a special friend, entrepreneur
Ann Murphy, as they celebrated the chinito hunk’s 33rd birthday last March 26.

Are they already an item? David refused to elaborate, and just said that he’s enjoying their
‘dating’ stage for now.

It was a welcome respite from David’s hectic showbiz sked from the past months, usually
crammed with tapings, directing chores and occasional campaign projects and sorties for good
friend and fellow Manileño Isko Moreno.

Among his memorable accomplishments from the past year, David cites the fruition of his Dark
Carnival Productions enterprise (including its recently-opened studio) and his inclusion in the
iconic and top-rating GMA-7 teleserye Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune, where his short
but challenging role earned him positive reviews.

Asked for his birthday wish, he says, “Contentment, good health, success to all my endeavors,
more money in the bank, and hopefully, the end of the pandemic.”

David also aspires to live by his current mantra: “Do not stay to be an overseer of the poor, but
endeavor to become one of the worthies of the world.”

As for his bucket list for this year, the Gong Yoo look-alike aims to triple his bank account, direct
a full-length film, beef up his Dark Carnival Productions clientele and camera/production
arsenal, and keep his body weight at 160 pounds.

David is also optimistic that the TV series he’s producing will finally push through, although he
says, “Secret pa kung saang TV station.”