SWS: 45% of Filipinos see life improving in the next 12 months


About 45 percent of Filipinos are expecting their quality of life to improve in the next 12 months, according to the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results released on Monday, March 7.

The Fourth Quarter 2021 SWS survey was conducted from Dec. 12 to 16 using face-to-face interviews of 1,440 Filipino adults nationwide.

The survey results showed that 45 percent of the respondents believe their quality of life will improve, 42 percent said it will stay the same, and 3 percent think it will worsen.

The remaining 9 percent did not give an answer.

This resulted in a net personal optimism score of +42 (percentage of optimists minus percentage of pessimists), which is classified by SWS as "excellent."

SWS used the term "optimists" for those who believe their quality of life will improve, "pessimists" for those who think their quality of life will worsen, and "no change" for those who said it will stay the same.

"The December 2021 net personal optimism score is 16 points above the high +26 in September 2021, and the highest since the pre-pandemic level of excellent +44 in December 2019," SWS said in a statement.

SWS attributed the 16-point rise in the national net personal optimism score to the increased scores in all areas, especially in Metro Manila.

"Compared to September 2021, net personal optimism rose from high to excellent in Metro Manila, up by 24 points from +24 to +47," SWS said.

It also rose from high to excellent in Balance Luzon--up by 19 points from +28 to +48, and from very high to excellent in Mindanao--up by 16 points from +30 to +46.

Likewise, it improved from fair to high in the Visayas--up by two points from +18 to +20.