Park Seo-joon flies to Hungary, talks about joining Marvel Cinematic Universe

Actor Park Seo-joon, who starred in the Korean drama “Itaewon Class,” flew to Hungary to film his movie. 

His agency, Awesome Entertainment, announced last March 3 that Park Seo-joon went to Hungary for the filming of the Korean movie “Dream” in which he co-stars with singer IU. 

Korean actor Park Seo-joon (Instagram)

In the movie, he will play the role of football coach Yoon Hong-dae, who got a disciplinary action and is made the coach of a soccer team composed of homeless people who will be trained for the Homeless World Cup. 

Park Seo-joon’s departure for Hungary came after he recovered from Covid-19. His agency said last month that Park Seo-joon tested positive for Covid-19 using a self-test kit. He underwent a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which confirmed that he had Covid-19 on Feb. 19. 

British media outlet The Guardian released on March 3 a story about an interview with Park Seo-joon where he talked about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Korean media reported that the actor’s agency said Park Seo-joon received a request for an interview from The Guardian while he was filming in London last year. After he returned to Korea, he conducted a video interview with The Guardian last January. 

Park Seo-joon is set to appear in the movie “The Marvels,” which will be released on Feb. 17, 2023. 

“When I first heard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wanted to speak with me, I couldn’t believe it. I actually couldn’t believe it,” said Park Seo-joon. 

But he did not divulge more details about his appearance in the movie, saying, “I’m just trying to be careful with Marvel-related questions.” 

“I’m not someone who has a fear of challenges, but whether I am filming in South Korea or abroad, everything is a challenge for me. So, I did feel some nerves at first. But everyone was so helpful and welcoming that I was able to find my feet really quickly,” he said.