PDEA: P75-B worth of illegal drugs seized from July 2016 to Jan. 2022

Authorities seized a total of P75 billion worth of illegal drugs, laboratory equipment, controlled precursor and essential chemicals from July 2010 to Jan. 31, 2022.

In its real numbers report, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) noted that a total of 9,882.86 kilograms of shabu worth P63.22 billion were part of the government’s five-year drug haul.

During the same period, the anti-narcotics authorities also confiscated 524.63 kilos of cocaine, 163,176 pieces of ecstasy and 9,668.44 kilos of dried marijuana.

The PDEA report disclosed that 327,039 persons were nabbed and 6,229 others were killed during the 226,662 illegal drug operations.

Aside from the arrests made, the anti-narcotics authorities also dismantled 1,008 drug dens and 18 clandestine laboratories while 24,303 out of the country’s 42,045 barangays have been drug-cleared.

A total of 6,613 barangays were considered as drug unaffected or drug-free barangays while 11,129 barangays have yet to be cleared.

Records showed that 4,170 children aged 4 to 17 were involved in the illegal drug trade with 979 being nabbed for possession, two for acting as runners, 441 found to be drug users and 2,487 identified as drug pushers.

The anti-narcotics teams did not spare anyone from the lawful arrests as 522 government workers, 396 elected officials and 126 uniformed personnel were nabbed in their anti-drug operations.

With regards to high-value targets, records disclosed that 352 foreign nationals, 396 elected officials, 126 uniformed personnel, 522 government employees, 3,989 target listed, 797 drug group leaders and members, 75 armed group members, 1,498 drug den maintainers, 291 wanted personalities, 24 celebrity and professional license holders and 6319 others from high impact operations were arrested.

Authorities also destroyed 8,170.51 kilosof shabu, 4,205.76 kilos of marijuana, 22.56 kilos of ecstasy, 534 kilos of cocaine and 3,483.04 kilos of other dangerous drugs. (Chito A. Chavez)