K-pop group Red Velvet tops weekly album chart, breaks own sales record

K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s new album has topped the weekly album charts in Korea and shattered their own first-week sales record.

Red Velvet released their seventh mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” on March 21.

According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” sold a total of 443,922 copies to top its weekly album chart for the period March 21 to 27.

The total is also Red Velvet’s first week sales for the new album, which set a new record for the group.

Red Velvet (Twitter)

Hanteo Chart announced that “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” sold 231,100 copies on the first day of release on March 21 followed by 141,003 copies on March 22; 16,426 copies on March 23; 6,926 copies on March 24; 19,421 copies on March 25; 367 copies on March 26 and 28,926 copies on March 27 for a total of 443,922 copies in one week.

According to Hanteo, the total first-week sales of “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” is the highest record for Red Velvet. It also put the group in second place in history of first-week sales among K-pop girl groups.

On Gaon Music Chart, “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” sold 261,855 copies in one week from March 20 to 26 to top the weekly retail album chart.

During the press conference for the album last week, Red Velvet members talked about their new album.

“Since summer is scorching hot, we’ve always dropped summer songs that are exciting and powerful like ‘Red Flavor.’ But the spring season reminded us of something new, a new start, so this time, we thought it could be a season with heart-fluttering emotions,” said Wendy, the Korea Herald reported.

Irene said, “We wanted to show and branch out to a different side of us through dropping an album in spring. We focused on inviting people to Red Velvet’s spring by expressing how we came to spring from the winter season. It’s an album that melds in winter’s coldness and the warmth of spring.”

“I hope to see Red Velvet as the queens of all seasons as there will be many comebacks this year,” said Joy.

Here is Hanteo Chart’s weekly album chart for March 21 to 27:

1. Red Velvet - “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” - 443,922 copies sold

2. Stray Kids - “Oddinary” - 283,017

3. Cravity - “Liberty: In Our Cosmos Part 2” - 108,404

4. Highlight - “Daydream” - 58,777

5. Treasure - “The Second Step: Chapter One” - 38,190

6. WEi - “Love Pt. 1: First Love” - 36,717

7. XIA - “Dimension” - 29,768

8. John Noh - “NSQG 2: The Other Side” - 20,928

9. ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha - “Refuge” - 19,244

10. Monsta X’s Kihyun - “Voyager” - 12,119