Mike Enriquez on his return to TV, radio: 'It feels great to be back in harness'

GMA News pillar and multi-awarded broadcast journalist Mike Enriquez recently underwent kidney transplant, going on to spend three months in isolation.

In a recent interview, the 70-year-old shared how it allowed him time to reflect and discern.

And he's not done.

"It's still going for me," he said, relating how he thought of his future, his career, and his life.

"I promised myself at the start of my surgery and my isolation that I would spend the time really, seriously, look, ano ba talagang gusto kong mangyari sa career ko. Is it time to turn off the microphone or not turn off completely, but to lessen? So I'm still in the process of making that discernment."

Mike wanted to slow down but the demands of his job won't allow it.

"I don't know if there's such a thing of slowing down in this profession," was how he put it.

If anything, Mike is happy to be back in front of the camera, sharing how badly he missed it.

While in isolation, Mike avoided things that reminded him of radio and television work.

But he prayed that he would be well enough in time for the election coverage.

"And He answered my prayer," he happily noted.

"One thing I learned, walang di makukuha sa dasal. The power of prayer, ibang klase talaga."

Asked why he's motivated to cover the upcoming elections, Mike pointed out that he considers it a "major" event for a journalist like him.

He intimated that his team is now on "full blast" preparing for the coverage.

"I'm confident it will be a good coverage," he said proudly asserting how they're "well prepared" for it.

As to co-journalists who are working hard these days, Enriquez reminded them of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

He said that there are ways for hardcore journalists to balance their passion for the job without compromising their physical and mental health.

"Health is wealth. Totoo yun and I do not wish for anybody to find that out late in their lives," he said.

Mike reiterated that prior to him undergoing a heart bypass surgery in 2018, he was active and had been working out in a gym for three nights a week.

As to why he decided to have a kidney transplant, Mike said he simply wanted to improve the quality of his life.

He shared how before, he would undergo dialysis three to four times a week.

"Para kang binubugbog ni Manny Pacquiao physically," he said about him being hooked up to a dialysis machine for four hours.

Mike added it wasn't an easy process as he need to do a lot of testing and consultation prior.

Mike is set to return to work this Monday, March 28.

He is worried about him being able to wake up early noting his body clock has changed.

But, of course, Mike is eager to take on the challenge.

He will be returning as anchor of GMA’s flagship newscast “24 Oras” with fellow GMA News pillars Mel Tiangco and Vicky Morales.

He is also set to return to the long-running public affairs program “Imbestigador,” which airs Saturdays.

On radio, he will resume his regular spot on “Super Balita sa Umaga” at 7 am with partner Joel Reyes as with “Saksi sa Dobol B" both on GMA’s flagship AM radio station Super Radyo DZBB 594.

Mike will also continue to serve as RGMA Network, Inc. President and GMA Network’s Consultant for Radio Operations.

“It feels great to be back in harness, so to speak. Paraphrasing one of my favorite World War 2 generals Douglas MacArthur, ‘People of the Philippines, I have returned!’” exclaimed the veteran radio-TV anchor.