Darryl Yap sparks controversy anew with yet another 'Len Len' video

Darryl Yap is once again among trending topics on Twitter.

Well, as of writing at least.

Apparently, he has triggered critics anew, following the release of the teaser for his latest creation, "The Exorcism of Len Len Rose."

Once again featuring Senator Imee Marcos as with comedian Juliana Parizcova, the short, part of his viral "Len Len" series, has gone viral.

Many Twitter users don't appreciate it.

Some of the comments:

"I can't imagine what kind of hardship did this Darryl Yap has experienced under Leni why he's so crazy insulting and degrading her. His life might have been so sad and lonely after spending his time solely to insult others. Hayyysss."

"Whenever Darryl Yap is trending here on twt, I wouldn't be that surprise if another stupidity (which he produced) is born. What a shame to Philippine film industry..."

"Imee Marcos. Sayang ang tax na binabayad namin sa'yo para gumawa lang ng walang kwentang bagay with Darryl Yap."

"Darryl Yap is unknown to me before the whole negative campaigning fiasco. He's litrally just another incel who's clearly full of himself. I don't discourage PS but Imee Marcos really does look cheap with that botched nosejob and botox.."

"Wag niyo kasi pansinin gawa nung Darryl Yap. Wag kayong manood, yun lang. Kaya’t confident gumwa ng gumawa ng video yan kasi marami ang pumapansin. Good or bad publicity is still a publicity..."