Marcos bent on 'uplifting quality of life' of teachers

Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos has vowed to continue pursuing programs and reforms designed to uplift the quality of life of the country's teachers, foremost of which is increasing their salaries.

A teacher holds an online class during the Covid-19 pandemic (Ali Vicoy/ File photo/ MANILA BULLETIN)

He believes that this would inspire the teachers to provide the highest quality of service and teaching to their students.

“We need to provide our teachers with all the necessary support because they were the ones who were molding our young students to become better, responsible and productive citizens who in turn would become the country’s future leaders,” UniTeam member Marcos said in a statement Friday, March 18.

If and when he wins the presidency this coming May, Marcos said he will increase the salaries of public school teachers and provide free training and scholarships to their children.

It can be recalled that the former senator stated during his participation in last month's SMNI-organized presidential debate that one of the things he wants to do for education is to offer decent benefits and adequate salaries for teachers.

Even in his interview with lawyer Trixie Angeles in her program "Luminous Trixie", Marcos mentioned that he would be doing the same thing that he did in Ilocos Norte, where he gave schools seed money to keep teachers from incurring debt. Marcos is a former Ilocos Norte governor.

Several times throughout his rallies, Marcos highlighted the need to support teachers by increasing the quality of life for their families, granting scholarships to their children, and upgrading the country's educational system.

During his stint in the Senate whch lasted from 2010 to 2016, Marcos pushed for pieces of legislation that would have raised teachers' salaries from salary grade 11 to salary grade 15. The measures didn't get enacted.