Gabriela releases statement on Kit Thompson-Ana Jalandoni incident

Actor Kit Thompson is currently trending on social media.

But for the wrong reasons.

He is accused of battering his girlfriend, actress Ana Jalandoni, even supposedly going on to detain her.

Women's group Gabriela has since issued a statement on the matter, expressing "deep concern" over the "unfortunate" incident noting that it happened while the world was celebrating Women's Month.

"We support the conduct of a full investigation on the incident, as we reiterate our stand against violence against women," a portion of the statement read.

Kit, who is reportedly now behind bars, is still silent on the matter.

Not his former fans, however.

Twitter was inundated with posts from irate netizens eager to condemn him.

Some of the comments:

"I really don't have mercy for abusers like Kit Thompson who impose their power & frailed egos by beating women. If a famous person who got an image to protect can do this, imagine what other women are suffering in silence."

"Crazy energy from people blaming ana jalandoni because kit thompson beat her up, almost to death, ang f**ked up ng mga mindset nyo. It makes me cringe even more na the comments are from women, too. Women dragging women. May this never happen to you, or your sister, or daughter."

"don’t let kit thompson post bail. let him rot in jail!"

"Actor abusers like Kit Thompson should be forever barred from the entertainment industry. Including the predators."