Marcos confident Pinoys can fix PH Internet woes: 'Dami magaling sa IT'

Presidential candidate and UniTeam member Bongbong Marcos is confident that Filipinos have the expertise and knowhow needed to fix the country’s perennial problem of slow Internet connection.

(Photo from Bongbong Marcos's Facebook)

This was evident from his remarks Wednesday, March 16 during his guesting at the Kapihan sa Manila Bay news forum. Marcos attended the event via Zoom.

The former senator was "inspired" to talk about the issue of slow Internet when his connection lagged several times while he was being interviewed.

"I’m having internet trouble because the internet here has been... let’s talk about Internet. That’s something we need to attend to. I’ve spoken already to so many people about it and there are ways to do it," Marcos said.

"I always say if South Korea can do it, they are the fastest, most well-connected, biggest bandwidth for consumers, why can we not just do what they did? Dami naman magaling na Pinoy sa IT (information technology), ang daming magaling na Pinoy, kayang-kaya nila ‘yan (There are so many Filipinos who are good with IT, there are so many brilliant Pinoys, they are capable of doing that)," he stressed.

Speaking of Internet and the worldwide web, Marcos has taken advantage of the benefits of social media in spreading his campaign message ahead of the May 2022 polls.

He is a prolific vlogger on YouTube and a popular TikToker.