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CCP partners with Conrad Manila for ‘Of Art and Wine: 20/30' a limited edition print exhibit

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) renews its partnership with Conrad Manila to present the latest installment of Gallery C’s “Of Art and Wine,” featuring the works of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers (AP).

“This kind of partnership has always been a dream of arts and cultural institutions like ours. This has been possible with the channeling and bridging done by former CCP president Nestor Jardin. Today, we celebrate not only the fifth year of the market leadership of Conrad Manila, but also CCP’s 50th anniversary. Technically, the CCP celebration was two years ago, but because of the lockdowns, it has been a movable feast for everyone,” said CCP artistic director Chris B. Millado.

CCP artistic director Chris Millado in his opening remarks at ‘Of Art and Wine: 20/30 A Limited Edition Print Exhibit’ at Conrad Manila (Orly Daquipil)

Conrad Hotel general manager Linda Pecoraro recognizes the CCP’s continued passion and pursuit of Filipino artistry and excellence together with AP.

“The 20/30 Of Art and Wine exhibit underscores Conrad Manila’s commitment in providing guests with inspired stays in a world of style and infinite connections through Filipino hospitality and culture, and champions the Filipino artists by providing a haven for creative expression and true artistry,” says Pecoraro.

In the exhibit, the print portfolio comes in two special sets, a collection of fine prints using traditional printmaking techniques by noted artists who have contributed to the development of Philippine contemporary printmaking. Each serves as a precious collectible for patrons of Philippine art.

“The works of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers exhibited here are not only inclusive of their artistry, but they tell so much of what other things they are doing. The exhibit shows the different styles and techniques, as well as introduces the best Filipino print artists. The association trains next generations of printmakers, so that this artistic workmanship continues beyond, and in the next generations,” enthused Millado.

Included in the folios are exquisite artworks in relief printing, intaglio, and serigraph printing. There are woodcut prints by Ambie Abaño and Elmer Borlongan, and rubbercuts by Leonard Aguinaldo, Hershey Malinis, Manuel Ocampo, Jonathan Olazo, Suchin Teoh, and the late Neil Doloricon. It also includes a special restrike of a woodcut work by the late Rod Paras Perez dated 1963.

Renan Ortiz and Radel Paredes created highly detailed drypoint prints while Fil Delacruz’s work makes use of mezzotint and engraving, with portions made using a special etching technique, combining both acid and non-acid intaglio processes in one print. The 20/30 exhibition contains etchings by National Artist BenCab, Alfredo Juan Aquilizan, Virgilio Aviado, Joey Cobcobo, Janos Delacruz, Jess Flores, Eugene Jarque, Henrielle Baltazar Pagkaliwangan, and the late Rhoda Recto. The etching of Juvenal Sansó is a restrike from a plate made by the artist in 1962. Also included are prints that combine both etching and aquatint, as seen in the works of Benjie Torrado Cabrera, Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Yas Doctor, Raul Isidro, Villia Jefremovas, Angelo Magno, Caroline Ongpin, and Anton Villaruel. Lenore RS Lim also makes use of the sugar-lift process on top of etching and aquatint.

Collographs, on the other hand, can be created through the relief or intaglio process, as seen in Kristen Cain’s work for 20/30. The emboss method, which may be more familiar to many, is also a type of printmaking technique. Unlike the rest, however, it does not require ink for an image to appear. The work of Christina Quisumbing Ramilo is an expertly done emboss based on an installation piece by the artist.

Serigraphy, possibly the most widely used among printing techniques, is a method of printing that uses a mesh over a stretched frame. The 20/30 exhibition includes serigraph prints by Mars Bugaoan, Salvador Ching, Noell EL Farol, Rodolfo Samonte, Jun-Jun Sta. Ana, and Wesley Valenzuela.

From its inception, the CCP has hosted and supported local and international print exhibitions in the country. It has sponsored printmakers to teach printmaking in different parts of the country through its outreach programs. The CCP has also given space to AP to have a national headquarters and printmaking gallery at the Folk Arts Theater in the CCP Complex.

“The 20/30 print exhibition at Conrad Manila is the culmination as well as renewal of the artistic and cultural collaborations between CCP and AP. The CCP has been the spiritual and literal home of Philippine printmaking. The AP’s ongoing mission is to educate and elevate the public appreciation to this art medium,” said printmaker Fil dela Cruz, former president at AP.

CCP chairperson Margie Moran-Floirendo viewing the artworks of the exhibit at Conrad Manila (Orly Daquipil)

Leading the “Of Art and Wine: 20/30” art exhibit opening were SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation (SMHCC) president Elizabeth Sy, SMHCC executive vice president Peggy Angeles, CCP chair Margie Moran Floirendo, CCP president Arsenio Lizaso, CCP vice president and artistic director Chris Millado, AP president Benjie Torrado Cabrera, Conrad Manila GM Linda Pecoraro.

“Of Art and Wine: 20/30” at Conrad Manila’s Gallery C runs until April 2.