K-pop boy band Pentagon talks about wanting to go on a world tour, success of ‘IN:VITE U’

Manila Bulletin had an interview with K-pop boy band Pentagon where they talked about their new album “IN:VITE U,” their most successful album to date, and wanting to go on a world tour including visiting the Philippines.

Pentagon released “IN:VITE U,” fronted by the carrier track “Feelin’ Like,” on Jan. 24, which recorded first-week sales of 76,996 copies and topped Hanteo Chart’s weekly physical album chart for Jan. 24 to 30.

K-pop idol group Pentagon (Cube Entertainment)

K-pop idol group Pentagon (Cube Entertainment)

“Honestly, I still cannot believe it. But since it is such a meaningful gift for us, it encouraged us during this promotion, and I feel very grateful for it,” Yanan told Manila Bulletin about the achievement.

Yuto added, “I cannot believe it. We are thinking about how to repay Universe for so much they have given us.”

In addition, Pentagon also won the weekly chart on KBS “Music Bank” on Feb. 4, their first ever on a terrestrial channel music show since debut.

“We are happy, and our joy doubled because I think our fans will be happy as well,” said Jinho.

According to Shinwon, “I am enjoying it, but more than anything, I am so happy that it seems to have had a positive impact on Universe and the many people who have been with us until this day.”

To promote the album, Pentagon launched the #Feelin_Like_Challenge and invited celebrities to join the dance challenge.

“Once again, I would like to thank the numerous artists who willingly participated. Seeing them come together to support us has made me work harder during this promotion,” said Wooseok.

Hongseok said the biggest challenge in promoting “IN:VITE U” was “showcasing our new concept that we had never tried before. I am happy with the results, and I think we succeeded in this challenge because our fans seem to like it.”

With the easing of restrictions in many countries, Pentagon said they want to go on a world tour if given the chance including in the US and the Philippines.

“We are always wanting to go! I have fond memories of the warm welcomes we had received whenever we went for a world tour or a concert. I would love to go if given the opportunity!” said Jinho.

Yeoone said, “I would like to go on a world tour around the globe, the US and the Philippines for sure. I want to start making good memories with Universe again.”

Pentagon also chose the talk show in the US they want to appear in.

“I want to go on “The Tonight Show ” the most. I am looking forward to it since several K-pop artists have been on it, and it is a show that I have always watched,” said Kino.

Hongseok said, “I want to go on the most popular talk show in the US. I am confident that we will be able to show Pentagon’s charm and capture people’s hearts worldwide by going on a talk show. Haha.”