Press Hit Play songwriter says ‘Tell Me’ inspired by Walt Disney movie

Pinoy boy band Press Hit Play (PHP) recently made their comeback with the single “Tell Me” and according to one of its members, it was inspired by a Walt Disney movie and written about a person who is in love.

“Lyrically, ‘Tell Me’ was built-around the story of a person who is hopelessly in love,” said PHP member JP.

Press Hit Play

He added, “It describes how a person will do anything and everything to make that one special person happy and protect her (or him...) through thick and thin, and that awesome feeling and emotion you go through every time you’re with your special someone...”

JP said the Walt Disney movie “Aladdin” became an inspiration for “Tell Me.”

“I actually took inspiration from the theme from the animated movie ‘Aladdin’ – ‘A Whole New World’ – but made sure to put an original spin when it came to the sonic properties of the track; I wanted a piece of music people would find hard-to-resist,” he explained.

“Tell Me,” released digitally through music company evosound, pays homage to the retro-pop stylings of the 80s sound: reminiscent of the pop culture of the era - including anthemic movie soundtracks and musical scores of old-school television shows - but delivered by way of the group’s trademark modern and youthful energy.

PHP, composed of JP, Yukito, Sev, Zi.O, Yuuki and CHRLS, said “Tell Me” is an anthem perfect for music lovers of all ages from moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, and youngsters.

JP said they still have more to offer in terms of music.

“We’ve still got a lot of varied and awesome releases in the works for all of the fans, listeners and would-be converts to Press Hit Play,” said JP.

He said, “Great, quality music is definitely the heart and soul of the group, and the main focus of all the individuals of Press Hit Play to keep producing, and to keep refining both our craft and passion. Nothing has changed from our goals since day one: to make as many people happy with what we do, and to bring honor and pride to our country and make sure the entire world sees – and hears – what we’re made of.”