Duterte on COVID-19 deaths among those who refuse to be vaxxed: 'Good riddance'

"Good riddance."

This is what President Duterte has to say for those who died of the coronavirus (COVID-19) because they refuse to get vaccinated against the virus as he reiterated that the country is not yet out of the woods.

President Rodrigo Duterte (RTVM Screenshot)

During his pre-recorded public address late Monday evening, February 7, the President stressed that the Philippines is not yet safe from the threat of the pandemic as two variants -- Delta and Omicron -- are still in the country.

"We are not over the hump. Hindi pa tayo magsabi na wala na because the microbes are still in the air," he said.

"At least kung bakunado ka, your chance of mabuhay ka pa, it presents something like also 90 percent (if you are vaccinated, your chance of surviving is something around 90 percent)," he added.

During the event, the President asked Health Secretary Francisco Duque III how many among those who died of COVID-19 were unvaccinated. In response, Duque said 93 percent of COVID-19 deaths are unvaccinated and that 85 percent of severe and critical cases are also unvaccinated.

After hearing this, Duterte reiterated that government's call to get vaccinated, stressing that there are many vaccination sites in the country where they can get their jab.

"Get the vaccines and include your children because it will ensure their health and life in the future," he said.

Meanwhile, the President said he is still puzzled why there are people who continue to refuse to get vaccinated.

"I'm warning you. Pag magkompyansa ka, sabihin niyo 'di niyo na kailangan ang bakuna. Well, when you die-- 'pag namatay kayo at 'di kayo bakunado, sabihin ko sa iyo: 'Good riddance' (If you are too confident and say you don't need the vaccine, when you die and you are unvaccinated, I'll tell you: 'Good riddance')," he said.

"Eh, ayaw ninyo, gusto ninyong mamatay, eh, 'di sige. Maglakad-lakad ka at (It's because you don't continue to refuse and you want to die, then go ahead. Walk around and) if you get contaminated, you will be, hopefully, very very sorry for yourself and your family," he added.

"I can only commiserate with you 'pag namatay na kayo (when you die)," he continued.

Duterte said that while his words may sound harsh, he had to make these statements because these were the truth.

"We do not talk of things which are not true. We do not dwell on matters that are falsehoods," he said.

"We are not allowed to say something here na hindi tama. Kailangan talaga yung lumalabas sa bunganga namin yung tama lang (Only the truth should come out of our mouths)," he added.