Netizens praise Jake Ejercito over 'loyalty' post

31-year-old actor Jake Ejercito has always been vocal about his political stand.

And recently, the son of former actor and Philippine President Joseph Estrada, received praise relating to advice he gave followers.

On Twitter, he wrote: "Never be so loyal that you betray your country (Philippine flag)."

Online users were quick to react.

Among them singer Jim Paredes, who told his co-Kakampink: "I salute you."

Others commented: "Jake comes from a privileged family, but he knows what is best for the country and chooses the right leaders as politicians' views and actions will always have an effect on the people, particularly the poor and marginalised sector. Samot ka gwapo ug kalami ba ni Jake!"

Some then pointed out how Jake is the "only" Ejercito that matters, deeming him the "real" and "genuinely good" one.

"Wow you are different and you have wisdom God bless you..," one pointed out.

Another added: "So much Respect for you Jake... Keep it up... Nakakahanga ang pagtindig at lalo na hindi nananahimik para sa bayan."

Recall that early this month, Jake went viral on social media after making clear in a post his reason for supporting the presidential run of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Posting a photo of him with daughter Ellie, he wrote: “Para kay Ellie. Para sa bansa.”

Note that in the photo, the actor is wearing a black shirt with the words “Laban Leni,” while his daughter Ellie was wearing a pink shirt.