Here's a queer erotic comic told through the gaze of a gay Filipina-American poet

‘Arrive In My Hands’ is a rebellion against the violent images of the hypersexualized and submissive Asian women

In the past, Asian women were depicted as exotic beauties, hypersexualized characters in books and on screens, and oftentimes submissive. This time, there’s a shift in how they are viewed as writer and cartoonist Trinidad Escobar presents a different story with her latest work.

Dubbed “Arrive In My Hands,” the queer comic features an erotic collection of graphics and poetry, the fruit of Escobar’s 20-year study and labor. The 120-page erotica collection includes seven brand new comics, five new illustrations, and 11 newly colored comics that were previously published by Trinidad, according to Black Josei Press.


“Asian women are hypersexualized in media and fetishized as submissive objects in daily life. I wanted to make a book on sexuality and sensuality on my own terms,” the gay Filipina-American poet posted. “It’s a feat to try and sell erotica to my peoples who come from a sexually repressed religious country. But here we are doing goddess work! Tell your Queer Southeast Asian friends and allies, your comic nerd buddies, your poetry lovers.”

Aptly launched on Valentine’s Day, “Arrive In My Hands” explores the erotic in the most unconventional scenes—during an apocalypse, in touchless sex, over revenge, and even in decay. On her Instagram account, Escobar has been sharing glimpses of her latest work, which are perfect invitations to lure readers to “arrive” in her world.

Apart from “Arrive In My Hands,” Escobar’s works have been published by The Nib, NPR, The New Yorker, among others.

Check out how you can purchase a digital copy of the comic here.

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