Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Imee Marcos defend viral 'Len Len' videos

Juliana Parizcova Segovia and Senator Imee Marcos have issued separate statements regarding their appearance in a series of viral videos as created by Darryl Yap.

Note that the videos, described by Darryl as "satire" and not at all intended to malign anyone, particularly Vice President Leni Robredo, have gone viral on social media, earning millions of views each.

Among these, most talked about is one that carried the quote, "Anyone who claims to be working 18 hours a day is either lying or stupid."

Catchy as it was, many were insulted, believing it disparages people who work more than 18 hours for a living including medical frontliners who have obviously been doing more than that amid the ongoing pandemic.

Imee has since issued a statement about it.

She made clear the quote is not hers and that it was culled simply from an article on "extended but unproductive work hours" by Geoffrey James as published on inc.com.

Imee said, "When I reviewed the video, "SOURCE IN THE CAPTION" is clearly stated below the quote."

"Nowhere in the skit does anyone mock the heroic sacrifice of our pandemic frontliners. Instead, we poked fun at those who seemingly trivialize inhumane working conditions."

She then echoed Darryl saying the video is "a mere satire," adding that it is actually "promoting, among other things, fair and protected practices in every workplace."

She maintained: "My legislative record will attest to my long-standing advocacy not only for our healthcare workers and other frontliners, but also those in the informal sector, our seniors, PWD's, women, working youth, and farm laborers."

Meanwhile, Juliana, Tyrone James Ortega, didn't find it necessary to explain his position.

In fact, he is even seemingly only too eager to inflame critics.

He posted on Instagram: "Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be MAD at...JUST BE PATIENT."


Note that prior, Darryl already shared his two cents on the matter.

He posted on Facebook: “A satire made Kakampinks cry, they treated LENLEN = LENI. You can troll my account. You can twist my statements. You can maliciously cut tweets. You can cancel me all-you-can. You can make me look bad. You can recruit haters to bash me. But 3 truths will hurt you everytime you breathe: “18 hours per day everyday will kill you. You can’t fight my #LenLen content. Leni Robredo will never be president. Your hate will not translate to votes.”

“Iyak,” he added.