Darryl Yap claps back at bashers: 'Leni Robredo will never be president'

Darryl Yap is not new to controversy.

It is what ignited his career as film director.

And he continues to court the same unleashing several videos about a certain "Len Len" on social media.

Note that the three videos he created under Vincentiments were all hits.

As per the director's account, "Bitte Len Len" earned 3.9 million views. The second "Lutan Len Len" amassed 3.2 million views. While "Pagod Len Len" is now at 4 million views and counting.

The success comes with baggage though.

Darryl is now the target of bashers.

Many of them believe the videos an attack against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Darryl says it is mere "satire."

Of course.

But is he at least sorry for offending many?

Not exactly.

In a recent Facebook post, he wrote:

“A satire made Kakampinks cry, they treated LENLEN = LENI. You can troll my account. You can twist my statements. You can maliciously cut tweets. You can cancel me all-you-can. You can make me look bad. You can recruit haters to bash me. But 3 truths will hurt you everytime you breathe: “18 hours per day everyday will kill you. You can’t fight my #LenLen content. Leni Robredo will never be president. Your hate will not translate to votes."

"Iyak,” he added.