Darryl Yap courts controversy with new 'LenLen' video

"Anyone who claims to work 18 hours a day is either lying or stupid."

This is the tagline of Darryl Yap's latest video featuring comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia and Senator Imee Marcos.

Do you agree?

Netizens don't.

Many of them believe it insulting for doctors, nurses particularly amid the ongoing pandemic.

Some of the comments:

"Nanay ko nars, minsan hindi na nga siya umuuwi. Ano ito? Ginagawa ninyong katatawanan sitwasyon namin?"

"HIndi nila siguro alam ito kasi hindi nila naranasan maging securty guard katulad ng tatay ko..."

"Another stupid video that is sure to gain views among like-minded people..."

"Did you just call liars and stupid ang mga nagtatrabaho sa entertainment industry including yourselves? calling on u Juliana at darryl..."

"What do you expect from darryl yap?? He became successful doing these things..."

"Bagay na bagay kay ma'am imee ang maging marites..."

Note, however, the video isn't actually meant as criticism.

At least not against frontline workers or showbiz denizens for that matter.

Although it has a disclaimer that read "not a political content," it is obviously a politically-charged ad.

Its target?

It is seemingly Vice President Leni Robredo, disguised in the video as the character "Len Len," who is also described as "Anak ng Fuchsia," a worker so tired having to report to so many "bosses."

It's a hit, having already garnered more than 2 million views as of this writing.