Dionne Monsanto joins Dawn Chang in castigating Toni Gonzaga

Dawn Chang is not the only former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate critical of Toni Gonzaga.

Eagerly jumping into the fray is Dionne Monsanto.

The retired actress, known mostly for her appearance in the hit series “Tubig at Langis,” is now based in Switzerland with husband Ryan Stalder but it seems she is still actively observing local politics.

She is also sharing her thoughts about it and enthusiastically so via Twitter.

Of late, she has been posting comments that obviously points toward Toni.

Some of these:

“Paano yung sobrang dami mong nasaktan pero unbothered ka lang?”

“Self-proclaimed ‘Angel.’ Reminds me of self-proclaimed ‘Appointed Son of God’ ‘Modern-day Joseph’ Try nyo self-proclaimed Judas, o self-proclaimed Satanas ganyan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...”

Note that Toni has been labelled “Unbothered Queen” by some for reacting rather nonchalantly to criticism of her appearance at BongBong Marcos and Sara Duterte’s proclamation rally.

She also used “angel” to describe herself resigning her position as host of “Pinoy Big Brother.”

Should Toni be bothered with Dawn and Dionne seemingly ganging up on her?

Not while former “Pinoy Big Brother” co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and Bianca Gonzalez remain supportive of her.

Mariel said: “Our friendship goes beyond work, beyond religion, beyond politics... beyond it all.”

Bianca reiterated: “Nobody can ever take your place and do it like you @celestinegonzaga, nag-iisa ka.”