Microsoft education tools help student's voices be heard

To support the digital transformation journey of Philippine Science High School- Main Campus, Microsoft, in partnership with HP Philippines, nominated the school to be part of the Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator Program. 

 "The said program intends to assist schools in their digital transformation through Microsoft's Education Transformation Framework (ETF). The ETF includes capacity building and training for teachers to empower them to become Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. Thus, this opportunity will raise the competencies of our teachers, improve our services, and help increase overall institutional productivity," said Lilia Habacon, PSHS System Executive Director.   

Reaching Students Full Potential with Social-Emotional Learning Tools 

As part of the program, selected PSHS- Main Campus teachers underwent a series of training spearheaded by Line Learning, Microsoft’s Global Training Partner in Education. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Tools were introduced in these learning sessions. To fully support their journey, the PSHS- Main Campus jumpstarted their journey with HP devices as part of the said program. 

"We believe technology can be a great equalizer by bringing quality digital learning. This is vital in a rapidly changing world that calls for flexibility, intercultural connection, 24/7 collaboration, and lifelong learning," said Kristofferson Seville, the Country Enterprise Manager of HP Philippines.   

More than being the premiere STEM education school in the country, the Philippine Science High School – System (PSHS- System) incorporates technological tools and solutions to allow its scholars to build on their social and emotional learning skills. 

"We want to make sure that we build and form holistic people that can focus not just on science concepts but also reach out to other humans," said Edge Angeles, Special Science Teacher III of PSHS- Main Campus. 

To add, Imelda Reyes, Certification Lead of Line Learning, shared, "Microsoft solution strengthens the STEM and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) skills of students by creating opportunities that help both children, and adult learners experience technology in exciting new ways." 

Fostering Student's Wellbeing 

Nurturing this aspect of students is as integral as excelling academically. Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools available in Microsoft Education, the students can learn ways to know the self while learning the skills to understand their relationship to others and their surroundings deeply. 

"As a homeroom advisor, it would be great for me to integrate the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) tools in my classroom since a lot of my students are young, and they still have a lot of feelings and emotions that they need to process. So, these tools in Microsoft Education would be good for them to have to be more aware of their emotions," said Edlen Mari Sanchez, Special Science Teacher III from PSHS- Main Campus. 

Microsoft Education, available in HP Devices, offers dynamic and intelligent solutions to strengthen SEL Skills. These tools include Microsoft Reflect inside Microsoft Teams and Minecraft Education Edition, which encourages students to identify and express themselves. 

The skills they learn from these tools will help them face real-life scenarios that cannot be taught within the four walls of the classroom.

PSHS- Main Campus is on its way to becoming a Showcase School. Microsoft, HP, Line Learning and the PSHS-Main campus will continue to partner as they move forward with innovation in education through the Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator Program.   

Learn more about the Education Transformation Journey of Microsoft Showcase Schools at Explore HP ProBook 440 Notebook at HP Philippines | Facebook.

PSHS- Main Campus jumpstarted the journey with 10 quad-core HP ProBook 440 Notebook PCs. 

The Microsoft Showcase School Program is an opportunity for schools, like the Philippine Science High School- Main Campus to engage with Microsoft and its partners on a global scale. 

The Philippine Science High School – System incorporates technological tools and solutions to allow its scholars to build on their social and emotional learning skills apart from STEM learning. 

Microsoft Education offers dynamic and intelligent solutions to strengthen the Social Emotional Learning Skills of PISAY scholars.