FASHION PULIS: Young blood

Seasoned Actress (SA) started her showbiz career at a time when teenagers were deciding which career to pursue. Belonging to a talented family, SA chose to develop her acting skills. While she followed the usual sing and dance path, it was her acting that eventually made her star shine brightly.

SA was also paired with her contemporaries, but no loveteam lasted. She and her screen partners subsequently pursued diverse paths. SA’s staying power was commendable as she did not have any lead star complex. Regardless of her role, she gave her best.

Meanwhile, her personal life was not as exciting as her contemporaries. Sometimes her choice of partner resulted in controversy, but love wins. SA eventually settled down and not much was heard about her marriage. The marriage was even questioned years later. However, SA and her husband denied the separation rumors then.

Nonetheless, several sightings of SA in a popular hangout down south have been raising eyebrows. From time to time, SA would be seen in the venue checking in with different young men allegedly. Onlookers could not help but label her as a cougar and having a taste for the younger generation. Age does not matter for SA as long as she’s being entertained perhaps.

‘It is dreadfully tedious to be obliged to listen to poetry, even when it has been composed in one’s honour… you won’t understand, but to be three- and- forty, and still be able to attach foolish boys, is such a comfort!’ ― Georgette Heyer

Malicious mouth

Many personalities have observed that Malicious Mouth (MM) seems to be going overboard with the gossiping. MM engages in small talk with clients hiring his services to look beautiful. However, conversations apparently are not kept in confidence. MM allegedly spills the beans of clients to other customers. Thus, without context, MM’s version of the story could be interpreted differently from the actual meaning. Worse, the chika could reach the people involved.

Consequently, MM’s unstoppable penchant for gossiping has led to clients, celebrities included, to have ill-feelings toward others. Some of these gossip items have led MM’s clients to fight. The inability of MM to hold the tongue gives the impression that MM is an instigator of sorts. Instead of keeping secrets, MM uses stories to create issues among the clients who had believed MM could make them presentable and stand out at their events. They got more than what they thought they availed.

Incidentally, young beautiful Actress/Endorser (AE) is fuming mad at MM for spreading a story about her. MM claims AE’s hygiene is questionable and that she smells bad. Of course, such gossip did not sit well with AE given that such perception could literally ruin her image. AE, whose beautiful looks are her asset, would always be conscious of people snickering behind her back because of MM’s lies about her smell.

‘Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.’ ― Criss Jami  

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