Globe Business Gift Local: Helping MSMEs succeed during the holiday season

Globe Business Gift Local

As consumers demand more convenience and flexibility in how they purchase items, businesses are finding themselves facing a unique set of challenges. The digitalization of the economy is affecting consumer behavior and business operations.

Digitalization plays a crucial role in developing an inclusive and sustainable economy—it helps MSMEs increase their competitiveness by enabling them to meet consumer demands while improving their operations through automation.

This is where Globe Business comes in as they continue to provide innovative solutions that help most businesses thrive and give unparalleled care and guidance to all business owners, especially the MSME sector.

Globe Business Gift Local Campaign

Evidently, December is the most anticipated and busiest month of the year. Globe Business, through Gift Local, supports micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) during the holiday season. It aims to help these businesses grow by providing them with digital solutions that can help them run their businesses more efficiently.

The campaign also aims to help MSMEs reach a wider audience through giving them proper platforms on and offline. During the holiday season, the hustle and bustle can make it difficult for MSMEs to focus on their customers, products, and operations. Here are some pivotal moments in how Globe Business Gift Local helped them.

How Globe Business Gift Local helps MSMEs

Promote their products and services to more audiences through digital tools and events

At Globe Business, they believe that supporting MSMEs is just as crucial as buying gifts for your loved ones. For this reason, they work hard to help MSMEs connect with more customers during the holidays.

They've organized different ways for MSMEs to reach more customers and showcase their products and services to its network. After two years of purely virtual events, last November 23-25, 2022, Globe Business organized an on-ground bazaar at The Globe Tower to showcase the products and services of MSMEs. This allowed the MSMEs to physically showcase and sell their well-curated products directly to consumers and encourage people to buy from their businesses.

The event featured products from local businesses, including food, clothing, home care, make-up, and hand-made accessories. The bazaar was a great opportunity for the community to celebrate the many talented people working hard to provide quality goods and services.

Meanwhile, the Gift Local Live Selling event was held last December 2, which garnered more than 781K views. This event allowed customers online to learn more about locally made products from featured businesses and purchase directly from them with the help of digital solutions from Globe Business.

Among the participating merchants were Daniel Baker, Habi Lifestyle, Bayongciaga, Kapelipino, and many other local businesses.

Improve customer experience through digital solutions such as chatbots and e-commerce

To help MSMEs facilitate a more seamless transaction with their customers and backend operations, Globe Business partnered with in-app commerce platform, ChatGenie. With this tool, it can help businesses generate leads, manage transactions, and support customer service while you are driving sales through Facebook, Messenger, and other popular apps.

It's straightforward to use and has everything MSMEs need in one package. Each user has a dashboard where they can easily monitor what is important to them: customer orders, inventory, and total monthly sales, all complete with the breakdown of what platform was used when their customer made the purchase.

This year, Globe Business supports the micro, small, and medium enterprises by enabling them with innovative solutions and services to help MSMEs make the most of opportunities that come their way, stay ahead of the game, and make more informed decisions about how best to grow their businesses.

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