Karan-on Bazaar in Arteche, Eastern Samar this Christmas revives vanishing tradition

MAYOR Evardone (FB)

TACLOBAN CITY – To revive the vanishing tradition of cooking "karan-ons" or local pastries usually served on special occasions, the municipality of Arteche, Eastern Samar province is holding the 2022 Karan-on Bazaar, a display of Arteche's local cuisine highlighting their kakanins or karan-ons.

The event aims to provide earning opportunity and put the spotlight on local bakers and their creations during the Christmas season.

The bazaar from Dec. 16 to 24 is located outside the San Ramon Church to bring the people closer to the ‘’Simbang Gabi’’ or dawn Mass.

"As the municipality aims for inclusive growth through sustainable tourism, LGU Arteche aims to minimize carbon footprint and focus on activities that will protect the environment, highlight the local culture, and boost the local economy by providing earning opportunity for the people of Arteche," Mayor Roland Boie Evardone shared.

‘PALITAW,’ a sweet, flat rice cake, is among the ‘karan-ons’ or local pastries sold in the 2022 Karan-on Bazaar in Arteche, Eastern Samar. (Photo via Marie Marticio)

He said their kakanins have sold out since Day 1 with the local bakers earning from P1,700 to P2,800 worth of karan-ons a day.

"This will help our paragkaran-on improve and sustain their business. This, hopefully, will create a sense of pride and identity for the Artechehanons as we continue to look closely to our culture and heritage and discover things that we can proudly call our own," he added.

The bazaar showcases ‘’Payayang Iska,’’ a local karan-on made from rice flour that has been around for over 30 years; ‘’Hulog-hulog’’ made from cassava balls and cooked in coconut milk with other locally available rootcrops; and ‘’Salukara,’’ a rice pancake with coconut milk.