Breeze brings back EcoProject to schools this 2022

Over the last several years, the Philippines has been subject to multiple ecological crises, including flash floods, landslides, and other disasters. While forces of nature are unpredictable, damage to property and lives can somehow be avoided or at least reduced if only preventive measures are done diligently—and not just by the government or a few organizations but all sectors of our society.

For nearly a decade, Breeze, the stain removal expert most trusted by moms for its “Sige Sa Mantsa” philosophy, has been advocating for environmental protection and preservation as it transitions to a new formulation that is tough on stains but uses enviro-friendly actives that are not harmful to the environment.

Believing that “dirt is good,” which gives families the confidence to celebrate the outdoors and enjoy real-life experiences without worrying much about the cleanup later, the brand also believes that we can empower our children to get dirty for good.

In 2021, Breeze pivoted its call for people to explore nature to inspire everyday actionism and power up potential changemakers to get dirty for good. Through Breeze EcoProject, a joint project with the Knowledge Channel and the Schools Division Office of the City of Marikina, EcoProject taught children ages 9 to 12 years old about environmental issues and what they can do about them in a credible yet enjoyable way.

The first step is to educate. EcoProject focused its information campaign in Marikina City, one of the most vulnerable cities in the country when it comes to ecological crises.


EcoProject introduced Kuya Eco and the EcoSquad, fictional yet relatable characters that starred in a series of curriculum-aligned edutainment videos suited for school children in Grades 3 to 6.  The videos, which came with accompanying lesson guide for teachers, were shown across 17 public elementary schools in Marikina City.

Reaching at least 5,881 children during lecture time and more than 6.36 million when it aired on TV via the Knowledge Channel, EcoProject raised eco-awareness among a generation of changemakers. To follow this up with actual handiwork, a series of hands-on lectures and online events that further activated the desire to make a positive impact on the environment were mounted in November 2021. Children participated in guided planting activities, while parents were also introduced to the more eco-friendly Breeze with Ecoclean Technology through product sampling.


Finally, the EcoProject empowered children to fully embrace the changemaker status through eco-diary missions and planter-making contests that allowed them to put all their newfound knowledge into action. The missions, which included creating their own recycled planters, monggo seed planting, and raising their own plants were incorporated into the children’s Science curriculum.

For its second year, Breeze EcoProject promises to continue its meaningful work by expanding its reach to the cities of Taguig and Pateros, both fishing communities that are vulnerable to environmental issues such as water pollution and flooding, which affects their livelihoods, and through new programs that encourage communities to take part in the cause. As a step-up from Year 1, EcoProject launches its School Tours, aiming to bring more engaging and memorable activities that kids can share with their classmates as schools ease to return to a face-to-face setup.


Meanwhile, an ECOllect Program, which aims to teach kids the value of recycling, also targets to make an impact on the city’s waste management by donating collected plastics to The Plastic Flamingo—a social enterprise that upcycles plastics into eco-lumber that will be used for furniture, housing, and other structures.

Following the successful planting activities in 2021, EcoProject will now focus on creating vertical gardens within school premises to house the kids’ recycled planters. This will serve as a memento of their contribution in the fight against climate change and a reminder of their commitment to help the environment.


With more exciting doors of opportunity opening up this year, Breeze EcoProject hopes to make a stronger impact as it invites more changemakers to join the cause in saving the planet for a better future for this generation and the next.