Angeli Pangilinan explains Gary Valenciano's cryptic posts

A few days ago, Gary Valenciano created buzz online pleading for a "miraculous touch."

His post in full: "Lord…I’m going to need your miraculous touch to get me through tonight and the next few nights to come. Help me not lose the sense and spirit of Christmas in the middle of all@these challenges. Kindly help in keeping me healthy at all times Lord. In Your name Jesus I pray. Amen."

Many thought his tweet relates to his health.

Note the singer is an insulin-dependent diabetic who is also a cancer survivor.

Gary was quick to clear the notion in another tweet.

"Hi everyone. Looks like my last tweet caused many to panic. My apologies. Thanks for your genuine concern. I’m on my way to getting much better friends. We all hit moments when our bodies just need to rest and i know that’s what I need. I love you all. Thanks again. I’m OK," he wrote.

His wife and manager Angeli Pangilinan also took to social media to explain.

"Sometimes Gary posts something innocently airing his private thoughts forgetting the uproar it could cause. Oh dear," she started.

According to her, Gary was simply exhausted, detailing how the last few days went for him.

"It is natural for a normal singer to get tired and weak and have throat issues but imagine one who has had so so many medical challenges …so sometimes God wants us to rest right?," she said.

"For a person who has been a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic (daily for 16,000 days !!!), my husband is a medical miracle. And I thank God all the time for keeping him alive. Apart from diabetes he has had hepatitis, tuberculosis, 2 arthroscopic surgeries on his knees (think of this when he jumps in the air - trivia: he was a high jumper in LSGH’s track and field team) chicken pox (while recording his Shout For Joy album), a cardiac bypass (open heart surgery) on May 6, 2018,  kidney cancer discovered May 23, another procedure and then partial kidney nephrectomy to take out the malignant fist-sized mass on June 13, 2018… then dengue in 2021, Covid 19 in 2022 plus many hypoglycemia ER experiences ….whew!," she added, quipping: "This isn’t about data privacy anymore as he announced these all on his social media accounts everytime something happened."

In any case, she assured loved ones and supporters to not worry.

"Gary is in God’s Hands and there is no better place to be in right?," she maintained, pointing out that she even shared some videos of Gary so people would be at peace.