Holiday goodness shines through


Seven more days until the birth of the Holy Child! Already the season of joy and merriment is back all over our country, with a vengeance! The streets are lit up and the malls, big or small, have been out-decorating each other to the consumers’ delight!

In the midst of all the material preparations, let us not forget to get ready to welcome the Holy Babe, the real reason for Christmas! Let us be kinder, give more to those who have less, starting from our own household staff and our less fortunate neighbors.

For those who can attend the dawn masses, please do! Wake up at the crack of dawn to the rooster crowing and attend mass for nine days until it’s “Noche Buena” or midnight mass. But, observe safety protocols and do wear your masks.

     ​* * *

Mega star Sharon Cuneta surprised Rockwell Power Plant mallgoers recently with an impromptu mini-concert with Bong, the regular pianist. She joined him, to his surprise and delight, while he was playing one of her mega hits, “Ikaw,” and the crowd went wild. Bong and Shawee then belted out “Pag Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” and the well-heeled crowd of shoppers were bewitched. It was indeed a very merry turn of events. Proud husband Kiko Pangilinan watched his wife closely but kept a distance away for her fans. Bravo Kiko!

PCPPI's CEO , Frederick Ong

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has recently been awarded for their corporate values, particularly for having quality assurance and food safety at the core of its operations. The organization recently reinforced its commitment to uphold excellence in line with PCPPI and PepsiCo’s observance of World Quality Month in November.

“Customer satisfaction drives our commitment to excellence at PCPPI. We encourage employees to perform beyond expectations in line with our vision to be the country’s leading beverage company,” said PCCPI president and CEO Frederick D. Ong.

Compliance to stringent safety regulations ensures quality at PCPPI, the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the Philippines. All facilities received the Safety Seal Certification from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), certifying all plants and offices practice public health standards and occupational safety and health standards set by the government. It was also recognized for its compliance with and enforcement of Covid-19 health standards. 

PCPPI was recently presented the Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2022 for achieving operational and entrepreneurial excellence. Held in Penang, Malaysia, APEA also honored Ong with the Master Entrepreneur Award. This honor highlights industry trailblazers whose strong entrepreneurial characters inspire up-and-coming leaders.

Since joining PCPPI in 2020, Ong has led the company in embracing digitization and organizational transformation. He was also instrumental in driving the renewal of its go-to-market strategy, the strengthening of its distribution network, and the expansion of its product portfolio. 

PCPPI has demonstrated its resilience and agility in the face of adversity. Even at the height of the pandemic, the company remained true to its sustainability commitment with a clear focus on developing talent, ensuring profitability, and being responsible stewards of the environment. The organization continued to drive operational efficiencies while ensuring employee well-being. It also supports health and safety initiatives in the local communities where it operates.

Ong attributed PCPPI’s success to the organization’s initiatives to uphold the ICARE (Integrity and Innovation, Care and Respect, and Excellence and Empowerment) values in how it conducts business and the manner in which employees interact and collaborate. 

“Despite recent challenges, our commitment to our values and our vision remains strong,” said Ong. “We extend our appreciation to the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards for recognizing our contributions to the country’s sustainable growth. These awards motivate us to continue driving business growth without compromise to our commitments to our stakeholders.” 

APEA is a regional recognition program spearheaded by non-government organization Enterprise Asia. The annual awards honor organizations and leaders that demonstrate remarkable performance and leadership while remaining true to their social responsibilities. 

Aside from the most recent accolades from APEA, Ong was recently named among the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific by the Asia Leaders Awards. PCPPI has also received the 2022 Golden Globe Tigers Awards for Best Change Management Initiative (for Project SWIFT) and Excellence in the Production of Learning Content.