Gallup Korea names top 10 Korean TV drama stars who shone the brightest in 2022 

Polling firm Gallup Korea has released the results of its annual Person of the Year poll to pick the TV drama stars, movie stars, sports players and entertainment broadcasters in South Korea who shone the brightest in 2022.

This year, Gallup Korea conducted a survey among 1,771 Koreans aged 13 and older nationwide excluding Jeju Island from Nov. 7 to 24.

(Clockwise from top left) Park Eun-bin, Kim Hye-soo, Namkoong Min, Go Doo-shim, Song Joong-ki, Lee Jung-jae, Hyun Bin, Lee Byung-hun, Son Seok-koo and  Kim Go-eun (Instagram, Netflix, tvN)

The respondents were asked to name up to two Korean TV drama stars who they thought made a big impact in 2022.

Getting first place as the Korean TV drama star who shined in 2022 is actress Park Eun-bin, whose popularity soared after starring in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

Park Eun-bin received 13.6 percent of the responses to rank first. In the drama, she played a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder.

According to Gallup Korea, Park Eun-bin is an actor who has been working nonstop since her debut in 1996.

In second place with 13 percent is actress Kim Hye-soo, star of the dramas “Juvenile Justice” and “Under the Queen's Umbrella.”

Actor Namkoong Min received 11.3 percent to place third. He starred in the drama “One Dollar Lawyer” this year.

Veteran actress Go Doo-shim placed fourth with 4.2 percent. She starred in the dramas “Curtain Call” and “Our Blues.” She started her acting career in 1972.

Korean actor Song Joong-ki of “Reborn Rich” and “Vincenzo” placed fifth with 3.3 percent.

Lee Jung-jae of “Squid Game” received 2.9 percent to rank sixth followed by Hyun Bin of “Crash Landing on You” with 2.6 percent (seventh place).

Lee Byung-hun of “Our Blues” grabbed eighth place with 2.5 percent followed by Son Seok-koo of “My Liberation Notes” and Kim Go-eun of “Yumi’s Cells” and “Little Women,” who are both tied at ninth place with 2.4 percent.

Other drama stars who ranked in the year-end survey are Kang Ha-neul (2.3 percent); Song Hye-kyo, Son Ye-jin and Shin Min-ah (2.2 percent); Lee Seung-gi and Kim Hye-ja (2.1 percent); Ha Ji-won (2 percent); Choi Bool-am (1.8 percent); Kim Tae-ri (1.7 percent); Kim Rae-won, Kim Hae-sook (1.5 percent); Park Bogum, Youn Yuh-jung, Han Ji-min, Leo Seo-jin (1.4 percent); Park Seo-joon, Jo Jung-suk, Lee Jong-suk (1.3 percent); Kim Seon-ho, Jun Ji-hyun (1.2 percent); Kim Su-mi, Ji Hyun-woo (1.1 percent); and Kim So-yeon, Chang Mi-hee (1 percent).

Korean TV drama stars who shined in 2022, according to Gallup Korea:

1. Park Eun-bin - 13.6%

2. Kim Hye-soo - 13%

3. Namkoong Min - 11.3%

4. Go Doo-shim - 4.2%

5. Song Joong-ki - 3.3%

6. Lee Jung-jae - 2.9%

7. Hyun Bin - 2.6%

8. Lee Byung-hun - 2.5%

9. Son Seok-koo - 2.4%

Kim Go-eun - 2.4%