Take your coffee-drinking session to the next level with these recipes


Introducing Plain Sight Coffee’s Bonfire Black Tie and Dayglow Tonic

Coffee is more than just a drink you have in the morning. It is an experience with different cups made with a variety of coffee beans serving unique flavors and tastes. Filipinos love their coffee so much that it is no longer just a morning drink. And thanks to homegrown brands, caffeine-loving Pinoys now have many ways and a lot of options when it comes to brewing their favorite drink. 

One of the local brands that are offering Filipinos a specialty coffee-drinking experience is Plain Sight Coffee. Co-founded by Sean Lee, with head roaster Kurt Lee and resident barista Ryan Uy, the brand has gained a following thanks to its coffee offerings, the Trooper and Weekender. 

Suited as an everyday coffee, the Trooper embodies what every coffee connoisseur loves about Brazilian coffee. It features chocolatey and nutty notes, making it perfect as an espresso or even for the French Press. The Weekender, on the other hand, has the balance of South American sweetness and Latin American bitterness, which can be simply enjoyed as black or with a splash of milk.

Recently, they added new offerings in their brand’s mix, the Bonfire and the Dayglow. Described as the perfect introduction for novice drinkers to specialty coffee, the Bonfire is a blend of Guatemalan and Brazilian coffee. It is imbued with notes of toast, roasted cacao nibs, and oats. While the Dayglow is Plain Sight Coffee’s lightest roasted blend, as its name suggests. What it brings to the table is a combination of fruity Brazil Coffee and fully-washed Yirgacheffe, marrying a number of flavors such as dark chocolate, roasted almond, and cherries in a cup.

During the launch of the new coffee beans, Kurt shared quick and easy coffee recipes that you can do in your kitchen using Bonfire and Dayglow. Below is Plain Sight’s version of the classics Black Tie and Coffee Tonic.

Dayglow Tonic and Bonfire Black Tie

Bonfire Black Tie


  • Espresso or cold brew
  • Condensed milk
  • Cream 
  • Chai tea concentrate
  • Ice 


  1. Make an espresso shot using Plain Sight Coffee’s Bonfire and set it aside. You can also use a cold brew coffee as an alternative. 
  2. In a milk jug or another cup, pour in 20 grams of condensed milk and 25 grams of cream. Adjust the measurement to your liking and stir. Add three tbsp. of Chai tea concentrate. Making the tea concentrate is pretty much like how you brew tea, only with half the water and double the brewing time. 
  3. Get your serving cup, put some ice on, and pour your milk, cream, and tea mixture. 
  4. Finish it off by adding your espresso or cold brew and gently stir.

Dayglow Tonic


  • Espresso
  • Honey
  • Tonic or soda water 
  • Ice
  • Dried lemon slice


  1. Using Plain Sight’s Dayglow, make an espresso and mix it with 25 grams of honey. This is your espresso syrup.
  2. In a tall glass, put some ice and pour in tonic or soda water.
  3. Add your espresso syrup, garnish it with a dried lemon slice, and you have your fizzy coffee cocktail.

Plain Sight also introduced its Blend Box, which contains a pack of the Weekender, Trooper, Bonfire, and Dayglow, offering you the coffee beans you need as you make your Black Tie, Coffee Tonic, and coffee creations. 

Enjoy brewing!

To know more about Plain Sight Coffee and its offerings, visit @plainsightcoffee on Instagram.

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