Hong Kong lessens travel requirements, here's what you should know

Starts Dec. 14, 2022

While most parts of the world have opened their borders, Hong Kong has been taking it slowly as it moved from compulsory quarantine to three days of medical surveillance instead. This meant that inbound Hong Kong travelers need not quarantine but are not allowed to go inside restaurants, bars, and gyms. They are also required to report their status via the contact tracing app.


But, today, Dec. 13, Chief Executive John Lee announced that there is no need for the government-mandated Covid-19 contact tracing application starting tomorrow, Dec. 14. According to Reuters, this means that travelers and are allowed to go to any place in Hong Kong as long as they tested negative for Covid-19 upon arrival. A mandatory PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is still required as soon as you land and on the third day, with a rapid antigen test on the fifth day. This is according to SCMP.

Reminders when traveling to Hong Kong include wearing of masks is still a requirement, unless you are exercising. Gatherings of more than a dozen people are still not allowed. Though going to clubs and parties, even if there are a hundred or more people at the venue, is accepted by the Hong Kong government.

Establishments still require guests to present their vaccination card before entering.