Why Miss Universe Korea 2022 Hanna Kim loves BTS, Pia Wurtzbach, and Catriona Gray

Miss Universe Korea 2022 Hanna Kim

From K-Pop bands to K-Dramas, Miss Universe Korea Hanna Kim gave us the full rundown on everything about Korea, during the Miss Universe "1-on-1" segment. For the full interview, visit the Miss Universe Facebook.

MU: What is your favorite k-pop band?

Hanna: 'Oh wow! I have been waiting for this question. So my favorite k-pop band is BTS. I'm an ARMY. I'm a huge fan of BTS. I love their songs, their performances, and also what they speak for. So they actually speak for a lot of people, for suffering, for lost hope. When I was having a hard time in my life, their songs gave me hope. So I love them.

MU: What is your cause and why?

Hanna: "I would love to speak for the people who are suffering from cancer. Personally my father passed away from cancer when I was 19. At that time, I realized how cancer could make a patient and the family of a patient suffer so much. Here I am 10 years later after my father passed away, and I'd like to support the people who are suffering from cancer and also the family members who have a cancer patient. If you have a family member suffering from that, I really wanna say that you are doing great and you are not alone.

MU: What is your favorite K-drama right now?

Hanna: "My favorite K-drama would be 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'. In this drama, the attorney plays a character who is autistic. And this drama shows her struggles not only as an attorney but it also reminds us that maybe we should also see the world in a different perspective. So I really love the drama.

MU: Do you engage in sports?

Hanna: "I've been a ballet dancer for more than 15 years of my life. Dance is a very special form of sports I think because it's a combination of sports and arts. So you can be athletic but also very artistic at the same time."

MU: Who are your 5 favorite Miss Universes?

Hanna: "My favorite Miss Universes. No. 1 Harnaaz Sandhu, our current Miss Universe 2021. She is so beautiful and I cannot my eyes off of her. And also Catriona Gray. She was so beautiful on stage. Her confidence and her attitude always inspire me. And also Pia. She looks so stunning in her blue dress. And her kindness also touches my heart."


The finals of the 71st Miss Universe Competition will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on Jan. 14, 2023 (Jan. 15, Manila time).