FASHION PULIS: Downplaying a scandal

A well-known family is now rocked with an embarrassing accusation. The alleged scandal has now become a social media feast. While damage control is being attempted, the story has leaked and consequently placed people in high places in an awkward state.

A few days ago, a Prominent Personality (PP) was part of an advanced party to make sure everything would be in place when the VIPS arrived. The hotel where the entourage was supposed to stay was to be checked and that was where the supposed incident happened.

Allegedly, PP could not control his attraction when a Hotel Staff came into the room to do her job. PP did something to HS, which prompted her to report PP’s actions to her boss. As a result, authorities placed PP in their control. When the embarrassing incident reached the VIPs, they fumed as a scandal was the last thing they needed. Cancelling the trip was out of the question and the VIPS went on as scheduled.

However, face-saving had to be done. The incident was initially denied but another thing happened that seemed to have added credibility to the scandalous story. People connected with PP were allegedly no longer allowed to join the VIPS.

So now, the said incident is still being downplayed. Perhaps, the alleged perpetuator and his team hoped that their silence would lead to the death of the shameful act rumor.

‘And scandal has a way of catching up with those who disregard its power.’ − Rachel Field

Another Separation Rumor

Is the fairy tale about to end? Are the sacrifices going to be meaningless after all? A young showbiz couple is beset with rumors of a troubled relationship.
Followers are worried that something might be causing tension between Young Actor (YA) and his Beautiful Partner (BP). According to rumors, YA has been leaving their home at night and arriving early morning. The speculation is that YA has been attending parties and living like he’s single and responsibility-free. Thus, this behavior has caused arguments, which insiders feared could lead to a permanent separation.

BP allegedly has been giving her best to keep their family together, but YA could have reached his saturation point and no longer wants to be with YA. While deletion of couple photos from social media signals trouble, YA and BP have not reached that point. Although their couple phots seemed to have lessened, some noticed that neither would tag each other in such photos.

Separation might be easy but YA and BP have been seen as models early on given that they fought for their relationship and sacrificed many opportunities. Of course, when the truth came out, they were forgiven for the denials they had concerning their relationship. Once they seemed to be sure of each other, they even planned for the future by putting up a business as a showbiz career might not be as stable. Now, the breakup rumor is buzzing in the grapevine.

‘Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser.’ — Drake

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