With Matias Farinello out, Anacleto Lauron steps up against Jhanlo Sangiao

Anacleto "LA" Lauron, an alumnus of ONE Warrior Series: Philippines, has stepped up at the last minute and served as a replacement for Matias Farinelli against Team Lakay's Jhanlo Sangiao.

Anacleto "LA" Lauron (ONE Championship)

Lauron is all set for his ONE Championship debut against the son of Filipino mixed martial arts legend Mark Sangiao, who is also the head coach of the famed Benguet stable Team Lakay.

One of Lauron's motivations heading into his debut match would be to etch his own redemption story since his ONE Warrior Series journey came to an end.

"I've been training hard ever since ONE Warrior Series and I believe I'm ready for this," said Lauron, who hails from Davao City.

Lauron actually reached the Final 8 of the ONE Warrior Series, but due to doctors' orders, his campaign had to be cut short with his apparent injury on his right arm.

While the older Sangiao happily welcomed Lauron to come and train with them in Team Lakay gym some other time in the series, it looks like the Davaoeno fighter chose to carve his own path this time around.

"Even though I didn't get the win 'cos I'm forced to stop my journey at ONE Warrior Series because of an injury, I know I deserved more than Adonis ," added Lauron, who only has a single win in his professional MMA record. "After Jhanlo, I am for Adonis. I believe I'm the ONE Warrior Series champion."

Jhanlo, for his part, isn't about to underestimate Lauron as he already saw what he is capable of during his long stay in Benguet.

"I see this guy (LA) as a tough guy also because he competed in ONE Warrior Series. I will not underestimate this guy. This guy can do anything but I'm here to fight," said the younger Sangiao, who holds a perfect 4-0 record.

Meanwhile, Team Lakay, through its social media channel, also lauded Lauron for taking up the challenge despite the last-minute changes.

Team Lakay also maintained its stance that Sevilleno is indeed the legitimate champion of the ONE Warrior Series: Philippines.

"The journey to Team Lakay and to ONE was not a plain walk in the park. Adonis earned it from his sweat and blood. Let’s give him the credit he most deserve," Team Lakay wrote on its Facebook page.