Jerome Ponce reacts to comment over his acceptance of Ninoy role

Jerome Ponce received mixed reactions following his acceptance of the young Ninoy Aquino role in the second installment of “Maid In Malacañang” titled “Martyr Or Murderer.”

Apparently, fans are divided about it.

At one point, the 27-year-old star couldn't help but defend himself after a netizen insinuated that he accepted the task simply because he needed the money.

The comment read: "Ikaw ba ung batang Ninoy? ang laki cguro ng bigay sa talent fee mo HAHA walang wala naba kaya kapit na ky acclang Darryl,"

This is how Jerome responded: "hanap ka trabaho.. sayang buhay.. baka may family kang binubuhay or what.."

Meanwhile, the controversial film director of the upcoming movie, Darryl Yap, shared the screenshot of the said exchange message on his Facebook.

He wrote: "bigyan nyo ng tissue si Darwin, ang agang umiyak, kunin nyo yung pinamunas ko ng pw*t ko. katatapon ko lang,nasa biodegradable."

Other comments:

"Jerome Ponce bagay po sa inyo ang role as the young Ninoy. Thank you for showing what professionalism is. Don't mind the bashers. At the end of the day, trabaho lang walang personalan. Stay safe po."

"Taghirap na ba? How low can you Jerome?"

"Trabaho lng walang personalan and keep up the good work Jerome."

"Shame on you!"

"Trabaho lang naman kay jerome bakit kailangan ninyo syang personalin meron din sya pamilya na binubuhay bakit kayo ganyan tao lang sya nasasaktan din."

"I am very sad for you, Jerome. Nakaka durog ng puso yung ginawa mo. Sana man lang naawa ka kay Direk Vince at sa mga Kakampinks."

"Artista po si Jerome at lahat ng role pwede nyang gampanan walang personalan mag move on na kayo sama ng ugali. Mo."

Prior, many netizens also aired mixed reactions learning about Jerome being among those who watched “Maid In Malacañang” a few months back.

Note that Jerome was among stars of “Katips,” the musical drama hyped as main competitor of “Maid In Malacañang.”

It made headlines after snatching seven awards, including Best Picture, at the 70th FAMAS Awards.