Pro tips to keep in mind when it comes to building your personal style

Published December 9, 2022, 12:45 PM

by John Legaspi

Designers Rhett Eala, Ivarluski Aseron, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales are here to help you become your own stylist

Fashion is a dream you put on every day. The moment you wake up in the morning and face your wardrobe, you are not just selecting pieces that will be your armor for the day, but you are building yourself into an image that will best represent you and your aspirations in life. The joy about dressing up is that you become your own stylist. You curate your closet according to your taste. You pile on pieces to your body to make yourself a masterpiece. But creating your own personal style can be a challenge. It is not just about just shopping for the right pieces. Most of the time, it is an internal process and beyond external.

Ivarluski Aseron, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales, Rhett Eala, and Jo Ann Bitagcol

Helping everyone build their signature style and giving a new retail concept to shoppers is fashion designer Rhett Eala as he welcomes his friends and fellow designers Jo Ann Bitagcol, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales, and Ivarluski Aseron to his 150-square meter space at Greenbelt 5. 

“It is such a big space. I was thinking that this is going to be interesting,” Rhett tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle about welcoming his fellow design creatives to his boutique. “I have my clothes here and I need something that gives more range when it comes to style. It is my way of giving a platform to other designers. It is my dream to create a multi-brand, so I want to bring my friends.”

During their launch, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle got the opportunity to chat with the featured designers and asked them about their tips when it comes to building personal style. 

Style is a way of life

For supermodel and the accessories designer behind TdLG, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, style is not just about tangible pieces. It extends to how we live our life. For her, a piece should be a reflection of one’s personality. That idea is present in how she leads her brand. 

“Part of my brand’s key message is that style is not just what you wear. It extends to your way of living,” Tweetie says. “My brand really is me sharing my style with my clients. This is how I put things together.”

Pieces from TdLG

Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist dresser, you can find the right finishing touches from TdLG. Her travel-inspired earrings are suited for people who love subtle designs but are high on impact. While her necklaces with humongous orbs of semi-precious stones are perfect for fashionistas who love bold and look-at-me style.

Don’t just follow trends

People tend to become fashion victims by following trends that don’t suit them. The key is finding the right elements that work with your taste. Style is about individuality, as designer Ivarluski Aseron said. But to elevate it, he advises people to try pieces that are fun but doesn’t take them way out of their comfort zone.

Ivarluski Aseron’s pieces

A great example of this is his latest designs which reimagined pieces for men and women. With its subtle patterns and chic colorways, people can broaden their dressing horizons without stepping away too much from their style preferences. It is all about having unique details that don’t scream but complement you.

“My collection is very casual but there are details that are truly aligned with my aesthetic,” Ivarluski says. “Most pieces are gender-neutral. I came up with the collection thinking of pieces I can wear myself and to give consumers options that are different and unique.”

Don’t overdo it

Before exploring different looks, people must first understand the basics of styling. Among the things fashion designer Rhett Eala wants you to keep in mind when dressing up is to make sure that the clothes fit you well and that you should always dress for the occasion. A sense of balance should always be present when it comes to curating a look. 

Dainty dresses by Rhett Eala

That theme is present in Rhett’s latest designs. Textures, prints, and patterns reign supreme in his collections but these loud elements are best shown with his choice of sleek and timeless silhouettes.

Remember to celebrate you

Multi-hyphenate fashion creative Jo Ann Bitagcol believes that style should be a celebration of you. Her advice is to throw the rule book out the window and just wear whatever makes you happy. This can be something that bears your favorite color, the fabrication you love, or something that reflects your story. 

Modern Filipinowear courtesy of Bitagcol

All that is present in her contemporary pieces, which are full of tales about Filipino dressing. Featured in the store are her signature prints applied on reimagined everyday garments—a bomber jacket turned skirt, sheer lace overcoats, and apron dresses. 

“The idea is to convey the rich story of Philippine culture through fashion that speaks to all ages, gender, and body type.” 

Check out the latest pieces from Bitagcol, TdLG, and Ivarluski Aseron at Rhett Eala’s store located at Greenbelt 5. While the four brands will be a mainstay in the retail collective concept, Rhett also shared that other designers will be invited as guest designers in the coming months.

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