Zubiri thanks Israel for innovative projects

Published December 5, 2022, 7:17 PM

by Mario Casayuran

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri on Monday, December 5 welcomed an Israeli delegation led by Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss and Deputy Chief of Mission Nir Balsam during its visit to the Philippine Senate.

In today’s Senate plenary session, Zubiri expressed his appreciation for the innovative projects the Israeli government initiated in the Philippines.

He said his home province of Bukidnon benefited from Israel’s technology of drip irrigation.

“I had a great opportunity to visit your beautiful country. I really admire how the farmers can produce so much from so little; so little water, so little good soil, it’s the desert. They are experts in hydroponics… We welcome you to the Senate and we thank you for all the innovative programs you are giving to our country,” Zubiri said.

The Senate chief also commended Israel for being the world leader in producing desalination facilities, which convert salt water to freshwater.

He recalled that the Philippines was the first one to embrace Israeli patriots and offer safe haven during World War II, visa-free.

Senator Grace Poe, for her part, thanked the government of Israel for its initiatives in helping the Philippines address its problems on water supply.

In welcoming the Israeli delegation, Poe reported that the Israeli government has been “really willing to help us with our water resources.”

The chairperson of the Senate public services committee who led several hearings on the supply problems faced by the country, noted how the Philippines needs help with its water sources despite being an archipelago.

“So thank you to them for their willingness to help us and teach us with their technology and expertise,” Poe said.