Solenn Heussaff opens up about the challenge of breastfeeding

And how she takes care of her skin and Thylane's, too

Every mother has their unique journey toward motherhood. And for celebrity-mom Solenn Heussaff, one of the most challenging situations during the early parts of her journey as a first time mom with her firstborn Thylane was breastfeeding. 

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At the recently held Cetaphil baby event where she was introduced as its ambassador together with another celebrity mom Sam Pinto, Solenn opened up about it. 

Challenges moms have to face
She had a hard time producing milk and that it even affected her emotionally. "I think Tilly survived with my friend's milk. Thank God she was a cow," she jests. "So she would give me milk all the time. But I was still trying for six months literally, I tried. I did everything in the book. Everything from what people were telling me and I still, like after hours and hours of power nothing. Like it was so depressing." 

But eventually, she realized that not everyone can produce lots of milk for their baby and she had embraced that she's one of those moms. "I was just pressuring myself all the time," she says. "But now when the second one comes in, it's like if I can do it, i can do it. I'm not gonna go through that pain again. And like feeling like the lesser of a human being because I couldn't give my child what it needed." 

When asked about taking care of Thylane's skin and her soon baby number two (she's now eight months pregnant), Solenn happily shared that Thylane never experienced any rashes because they have been using Cetaphil products since she was born. 

"I never ever ever had any type of rash and we've been using Cetaphil ever since, so maybe there's a correlation there," she says. "It's nice to know that they have also have products for children that are dermatology tested and recommended." 

Solenn that shares that bath time has become a bonding activity for her and Tilly. "For me since we've been using it even before the organic line, it's just been a walk in the park, super breezy," she says. "Of course bath time has always a lot of fun because we get to do bubble bath with the wash and shampoo." 

For your babies
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Cetaphil Baby also revealed another product. Their Gentle Wipes that are made from 100-percent plant-derived fabric. With aloe vera and Vitamin E, these wipes are safe to be used even for the face.