FASHION PULIS: Don’t be jealous

Will lawyers be busy next week or damage control be implemented before an incident turns into a scandalous social media feast?

As a typhoon was ravaging the country, several personalities were busy attending Halloween parties. In one of the gatherings, the rage of Controversial Talent (CT) against her Supposed Victim (SV) seemed to compete with the strength of the typhoon.

SV came into the picture just to say goodbye to her friends in the packed venue. That decision turned into a wrong one. CT saw and confronted her. Allegedly, the two got into a fight. Other guests tried to pacify CT, but she was unstoppable. Even when she separated, CT was heard cursing.

After the supposed altercation, the two went separate ways. CT allegedly went to another party. By contrast, SV went to the police station. The fight must have been a handful as SV had the incident recorded on the police blotter. She even had her medico-legal checkup done. SV is said to be mulling filing charges against CT.

Speculations are plenty as to why CT initiated the fight with SV. Some say the bottom line is jealousy. The rumored boyfriend of CT was seen talking to SV, who was once linked to CT’s former lover. In the latter case, SV was even accused on being the third party as far as the gossip-mongers are concerned.

Incidentally, CT’s behavior prior to the confrontation caught the attention of other guests. They thought she behaved quite differently, even assuming something might have set her off that night to create a scene amidst colleagues in the industry.

‘People don't change their behavior unless it makes a difference for them to do so.’ − Sharon Stone

Innocent Date

The public is always alert whenever celebrities admit their relationships. More attention is given when celebrities are officially together. Fans become excited and wish for the best for celebrity couples. Of course, some people will be disgruntled and express their disgust at the celebrities involved.

Similarly, Male Celebrity (MC) was not spared from accusations of ghosting a lover. At that time, MC and his lover were a hot couple until one day, fans noticed MC was no longer posting about that relationship. A bit of time passed and MC revealed he was dating a Female Celebrity (FC), who was someone from his professional and personal past. Nonetheless, MC was undaunted and pursued FC. He said FC was his forever and he was determined for their relationship to be for keeps.

The social media posts of MC and FC projected a happy and stable relationship. Their families and friends did not create any issue over the two. Whenever the two celebrated a milestone, they would make sure their followers know about it. Thus, the image of the two was that of a couple in love.

However, someone saw MC with a beautiful woman somewhere. Were the two on a clandestine date or simple hanging out together? Does FC know? Those were the questions that filled the observer’s mind.

‘If we are not happy and joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait and for what other time shall we look?’ − Abdu'l- Baha

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